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International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners

Application to renew observer accreditation

Note: This short renewal form should be used only by entities or organisations that have previously been accredited as an observer for a period of time covering more than one annual conference and that wish to continue to be accredited as an observer. Entities or organisations that wish to apply for the first time, or have previously been accredited only for a single conference, should use the full application form relevant to their circumstances.

To: The ICDPPC Secretariat

The following entity or organisation applies to be accredited as an observer of the Conference pursuant to rule 5.3 and 5.4 of the Conference Rules and Procedures.


  • Complete application in English
  • Keep answers brief and to the point.

  • Details of applicant

  • Details of contact person for this application:

    Note: Information supplied under this part will not be posted to the website.
  • Note: Email addresses must be official authority addresses
  • Details of previous observer status

  • Duration of requested observer status

    Note: Please indicate one of the following duration for observer status:
  • Additional comments