Supervisory authorities that consider they meet the criteria for Conference membership may apply to the Executive Committee on the online application form provided by the Secretariat to be a member of the Conference.

Please read the FAQs below before completing the application form.

To be processed in time, applications must be received by the Secretariat at least 3 months before the closed session of each year’s Conference. Applications that are received late may be held over for processing the following year.

  • Applications have now closed.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which authorities are eligible to apply for membership status?
Article 5.1 of the rules and procedures sets out the eligibility criteria for authorities that wish to become members of the Conference. 


How does an authority apply for membership?
Use the application form.


Who should complete an application for membership?
An application for membership should be completed by a person authorised by the applicant authority to do so. Any email contact address given should be official email address of the applicant authority.


What happens after an authority completes and submits an application?
After submitting the application the authority will receive an automated acknowledgement that the application has been successfully submitted.

Once the application is received, the Executive Committee will verify the applicant’s eligibility to become a Conference member. The results of the assessment and views of the Executive Committee are recorded in the accreditation checklist. Usually a correctly completed application form will give the Executive Committee all the information it needs to process the application. Occasionally a member of the Executive Committee will contact the applicant to clarify or check certain details.

Once satisfied that an applicant authority is eligible for membership, the Executive Committee will include the authority’s details in a resolution presented to the closed session of the Conference recommending accreditation as a member.

If the Executive Committee does not consider that the applicant authority is eligible to be a member, the applicant will be advised and given the reasons for the Committee’s view.


How long will it take for an application to be processed?
Individual applications vary considerably in how long they take to process. Some applications are complex while others are quite straightforward. However, so long as an application is submitted at least 3 months before the Conference there will be time to complete the assessment.


When will I be told that the application is successful?
The Executive Committee meets every 2-3 months. There is usually only one Committee meeting in the 3 months before the closed session. Accordingly, any authority that submits an application close to the 3 month deadline may be advised of the Committee’s recommendation for membership just weeks before the closed session of the Conference. If an application is submitted earlier in the year it may be possible to advise the applicant of the Committee’s recommendation after an earlier Committee meeting although this may not always be possible.

The Committee’s role is to recommend to the closed session that an authority be accredited as a member. Article 2.1 of the rules provide that the decision on accreditation is taken by the Conference membership at the closed session itself.


What is the last date to submit an application form?
An application for membership needs to be submitted no later than 3 months before the next Conference closed session. Authorities are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible.


Where can I find further information?
Relevant information can be found in the Conference rules and procedures.  For any further questions, contact the Executive Committee Secretariat.