The Conference’s vision is an environment in which privacy and data protection authorities around the world are able effectively to act to fulfil their mandates, both individually and in concert, through diffusion of knowledge and supportive connections.

The Conference’s mission includes the goal of seeking to connect and support efforts at domestic and regional level, and in other international forums, to enable authorities better to protect and promote privacy and data protection.

This part of the website support’s the Conference’s vision of “supportive connections” and the mission of “connecting and supporting” efforts at domestic, regional and international levels.

Presented here is information on other privacy and data protection networks that involve ICDPPC member authorities (and, in some cases, staff of member authorities). A description of each network is given with a brief explanation of the relationship with the Conference. In some cases links, contact addresses and other documentation are included.

Enforcement Cooperation Repository

The repository is a place to share links to non-confidential, publicly available information, including, but not limited to, press-releases, publicised research, policy documents, court judgments, guidelines, relevant technology developments, decisions, enforcement tools and applicable laws.

Regional networks 

Privacy and data protection authorities undertake valuable collaboration at regional level.

Linguistic/cultural networks

Some privacy and data protection networks are arranged on the basis of common language or cultural affinities.

Specialised networks

Privacy and data protection authorities work together in specialist areas like cross-border enforcement and telecommunications.

Miscellaneous networks

Authorities and staff also participate in other networks of various kinds.


Other privacy and data protection networks provide resources that are useful for ICDPPC member authorities.