On this page you’ll find information on the current working groups, their conveners and current activities.

Data Protection Metrics Working Group (Update as on 24 August 2017)

A working group has been formed to achieve the aims of the Resolution on developing new metrics of data protection regulation which include to:.

  • develop internationally comparable metrics in relation to data protection and privacy; and
  • support the efforts of other international partners to make progress in this area.

Brief information was contained in the Secretariat’s message of 8 February 2017 setting up the group. The working group is currently identifying the most promising projects to undertake.

An ICDPPC Census with the purpose of providing a comprehensive snapshot of data protection and privacy authorities in 2017 was been sent to all ICDPPC members.   For more information read  ICDPPC Census 2017 Notes.  The text of the survey in PDF form is available here in  EnglishSpanish and French.  Results of the Census are published here

A small project has been undertaken to survey the statistical practices of selected authorities in relation to breach notification. The report of the results is available: Breach notification statistics survey report. The working group conveyor gave a presentation to an OECD expert workshop on this small project.

The working group is co-hosting a “Roundtable – Towards an International Metrics Agenda for Privacy-Policy Making” in Hong Kong on the margins of the 39th Conference.  For more details see the announcement here.


Digital Education Working Group (Update as on 21.09.2017)


Convener: Pascale RAULIN-SERRIER, Digital Education, CNIL

The moderator of the working group will report back on the progress made on the action plan [FR] for 2016-17 to the 39th International Conference in Hong Kong.

The report back will focus on three issues:

  • The implementation of the competency framework at national and regional levels by DPAs. The competency framework is now available in eight languages: Albanian, Catalan, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
  • Updated CIRCABC online library with additional teaching resources. Some 240 documents are now uploaded in several languages consisting of varied teaching and training resources.
  • Examine “the question of development and widespread use on the part of educators and their students, of eLearning platforms and online services and applications dedicated to the education community”

A fuller update as at 21 September 2017 is available here.


Future size and membership of Conference

Information available on the project page: Future Size and Membership of Conference.


Privacy and Humanitarian Action Working Group (Update as on 17 July 2017)

Convener: Catherine Lennman, Federal Data Protection Authority, Switzerland and Marine Revel, AFAPDP

A few highlights of the current activities of the working group:

  • Participation in a workshop on data protection within international organisations on 11 May in Geneva;
  • Co-operating with international humanitarian actors in developing guidance, particularly through the working series on Data Protection and Humanitarian Action co-led by the ICRC and the Brussels Privacy Hub. The handbook on data protection in humanitarian action is available here.
  • The handbook will be presented at the 10th AFAPDP Conference on 4th September in Tunisia, 39th Conference on 27th September in Hong Kong and 35th Plenary of the Consultative Committee of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data on 22-24 November in Strasbourg.