The ICDPPC membership is organised into Working Groups that concentrate on the most significant Conference initiatives identified by the membership, deriving their mandate and direction from the Closed Session, typically leading from Conference Resolutions.

Observers can be invited to participate in Working Groups on an ad hoc basis. Participation is voluntary. Working Groups are chaired by one or more member authority, and can come from the same or different regions. Working Group Chairs encourage participation from all regions and insofar as possible, a Working Group’s members represent different cultural, geographic and legal backgrounds.

Working Groups typically operate for a single year and their work culminates in a Report given to the Closed Session of the Annual Conference. However, the Executive Committee is kept informed of their progress throughout (see Quarterly Stocktake Reports below).

Working Groups may be temporary or permanent, as stated at the time of their establishment.

Current Working Groups are listed here:

  • Ethics and Data Protection in Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Education
  • Digital Citizens and Consumers
  • International Enforcement Cooperation
  • Future of the Conference
  • Data Protection Metrics

Would you like to join a Working Group?

Any member can join a Working Group. Please contact the Secretariat to be put in touch with the relevant Working Group coordinator.

For further information on past Working Group Reports to the Conference, please see here:

The latest news on, and the current activities of, the work of the Working Groups and their conveners are contained in the Quarterly Stocktake Reports to the Executive Committee, the links are given below:

Quarterly Stocktake Report – May – June 2019

Quarterly Stocktake Report – January – April 2019