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A1: Privacy Research Fund + Privacy Research Symposium (New Zealand)

A1: Privacy Research Fund + Privacy Research Symposium (New Zealand)




Entry by: Office of the Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand

Privacy Research Fund + Privacy Research Symposium: The Privacy Commissioner established a contestable fund of NZ$75,000 to support privacy research projects under which 4 projects were funded with the results presented publicly in a Privacy Research Symposium held as the centrepiece of a special Privacy Research Week. https://privacy.org.nz/further-resources/privacy-research/.

Why the initiative deserves to be recognised by an award?*
The Privacy Research Fund was a successful experiment for the office in using a modest sum of money to build capacity outside the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to better understand privacy and deliver solutions to privacy problems. It built on the assumption that the Office of the Privacy Commissioner does not have all the answers and other stakeholders in the research community have an important part to play in achieving our goals.

The Privacy Research Symposium was a successful event that achieved its goals. However, there were three special aspects setting it part from regular OPC events:

  • Bringing together the research community and creating new connections amongst that community
  • Branding a series of 4 events, only 2 of which were OPC organised, into a coherent Privacy Research Week: the strength of the branding apparent in attendees travelling from overseas to participate

* Non-competition entry: New Zealand has exempted itself from the competition as the ICDPPC Chair, who is judging the competition, is also the New Zealand Commissioner. This entry is for illustrative purposes only.

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