Earlier in the year, ICDPPC member authorities were invited to submit entries to the inaugural ICDPPC Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards. More than 90 entries were received before the closing date of 28 April.

A complete list of finalists in the 4 categories is available here.

Winners were announced at the 39th Conference in Hong Kong on 26 September. See here ICDPPC Awards Winners list.

You can find entries for the four categories on their individual pages by using the dropdown menu of the news & events tab.

Entries relate to any initiative taken by a member authority in 2016 or early in 2017. Initiatives may include anything at all. Without limitation examples might include any guidance resource, investigation, tool, publication, video, conference, website, partnership, poster, speech, policy, app, intervention …

Member authorities were invited to submit as many entries as they wish. In addition to awards in each category there will be an overall Chair’s Award selected from all the entries. This is a great way to share with your colleagues some of your authority’s most successful initiatives from 2016.

How to enter (entries now closed)

Please complete the attached form to submit each entry and email to no later than 28 April 2017. Entries are now closed.

The person submitting the entry agrees to the terms and conditions which include publication of details of the entries.

What happens to the entries?

Details of the entries will be posted on the ICDPPC website for the information of members and the public about the interesting initiatives being taken by member authorities. Selected entries may be featured in the ICDPPC newsletter. The website and newsletter coverage is intended to showcase good ideas and encourage innovation.

Summaries of the entries will be uploaded progressively to the website by the Secretariat as they are received. To see those received so far please go to the following pages:

The entries will be judged by the ICDPPC Chair, or people assisting the Chair, to enable the winning entries to be selected prior to the 39th Conference in Hong Kong. Winners will be formally recognised but there will be no prizes.

Where can I find further information?

Further information on the ICDPPC Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards is available in the Frequently Asked Questions.