Note to ICDPPC members

The ICDPPC Secretariat thanks everyone who entered the 2019 Global Awards. The period for submitting entries has now closed. We are in the process of reviewing the entries and more news about next steps will be made available soon.

Submit your entry!

The ICDPPC Executive Committee is excited to announce that this year’s Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards nomination process is now open!

Now in their third year, the Awards celebrate the achievements of the entire ICDPPC community and shine a light on good practice.

Who can apply?

Any ICDPPC member authority can apply.

How can I apply?

Entries can relate to any initiative taken by the member authority since the last edition of the awards in 2018 or any time in 2019 up until the closing date.

Please complete the award entry form and email it to no later than Monday 29 July 2019.

The entry form solicits a description of the initiative with links or pictures as appropriate and an explanation as to why it deserves to be recognised with an award. The form also seeks information to be used for administrating the awards, or to verify eligibility such as contact details. It is important that you complete all fields of the form.

Please note that the Conference documentation translation rules apply from the Rules and Procedures, notably rule 6.2 on Conference documents.

What are the award categories that I can apply for?

The award categories remain unchanged from last year:

  • Education and public awareness;
  • Accountability;
  • Dispute resolution and enforcement;
  • Innovation; and
  • People’s Choice (shortlisted entries in all categories will automatically be entered for this Award).

Valid initiatives may include anything at all, such as any guidance resource, investigation, tool, publication, video, conference, website, partnership, poster, speech, policy, app, or intervention.

Education and public awareness

This category is largely influenced, albeit not exclusively by the valuable work in the ICDPPC Digital Education Working Group (DEWG). The DEWG has created tools for authorities to make their efforts in digital education available to peers and helped instil a culture of sharing experience in that space. Other public awareness initiatives will also be considered, including those which are not in the digital space.


Even when not explicit in the law, accountability of organisations processing personal data and information is implicit in most privacy and data protection laws. What are member authorities doing to promote this concept of accountability and ensure that it makes the successful transition from law to practice?

Dispute resolution and enforcement:

It builds upon the focus that the Conference has placed on enforcement cooperation in several resolutions in recent years.

This category reflects the multi-faceted roles that Data Protection Authorities perform which always covers at least one of the following roles and often encompass the following:

  • Dispute resolution: mediating or investigating and resolving issues where it appears to an individual that the law has been breached.
  • Enforcement: taking many forms, enforcement involves taking formal action in relation to non-compliance with the law.


Entries will set out how an initiative or project undertaken primarily by a conference member is working effectively to support innovation and as the case may be, disruptive business models. The award will help illustrate how conference members are using innovation to deliver their own work more effectively.

People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award will again feature in this year’s award line-up!

Shortlisted entries in all categories will automatically be entered for this Award.

The People’s Choice Award will be subject to an open vote among Conference Members from amongst the shortlisted candidates of each of the other awards’ categories.

What is the award entry submission deadline?

Deadline for entries is Monday 29 July 2019.

Will my entry be made public?

Yes. All entries will be published on the ICDPPC website. The person submitting the entry agrees to the publication of details of the entries.

Details of the entries will be posted on the ICDPPC website for the information of website visitors about the interesting initiatives being taken by member authorities. Selected entries may be featured in the ICDPPC newsletter. The website and newsletter coverage is intended to showcase good ideas and encourage innovation.

How will the Awards be decided?

This year, the Awards will be assessed for shortlisting by the entire Executive Committee, then submitted to a vote on the shortlist by the ICDPPC membership.

The Executive Committee will act in their role as elected representatives from the various global regions of the Conference membership. A volunteer member of the Executive Committee leads the discussions and decision-making on all award categories and follows the usual process set out in the Conference Rules and Procedures, article 3.2 (Consensus or failing this, majority of the votes cast). Those entries shortlisted will have been determined by the Executive Committee award jury as providing an outstanding example of good practice in that category.

In September 2018, the Executive Committee will be in a position to announce the shortlisted candidates. Thereafter, the ICDPPC Secretariat will launch an online vote, so that each ICDPPC member can cast its vote and designate the award winner from amongst the two projects shortlisted in each category.

In addition, all shortlisted entries will compete in the ‘People’s Choice’ category, for which all member authorities’ staff will be invited to vote.

Voting for the final winners will close in mid-October.

What if I am shortlisted?

Then congratulations are in order! The Secretariat will contact you with the outcome of the Executive Committee’s decision.

What if I am not shortlisted?

There are no losers! Your project will still receive publicity because it will be shared with the global data protection and privacy community featured on the ICDPPC website, in the awards section.

When will the Award Winners be announced?

The winning entries are to be announced at the 41st Annual Meeting in Tirana, on Monday 21 October 2019. There will be a short awards ceremony, presided by the Chair of ICDPPC and the Host Authority 2019.

What principles apply to the Awards process this year?

The Awards in 2019 aim to uphold the vision and mission of the Conference, with the following objectives in mind:

  • significantly simplifying the process;
  • being fair, transparent and accountable in shining a light on good practice;
  • providing an appropriate degree of member participation and control to ensure that the awards are a product of the Conference community for the Conference community;
  • providing equal opportunity to members large and small to win an award; and
  • avoid placing too much burden on members to review large volumes of entries.

What safeguards are there in the assessment process?

The Executive Committee members can submit entries but they are not allowed to vote for their own entries both in the shortlisting process, and in the subsequent online voting process. This includes the People’s Choice Award voting process.

No member can vote for their own shortlisted entry.

How do I vote?

ICDPPC Members will get the chance to vote on the two shortlisted projects for each award category, as well as a vote on all those shortlisted entries to determine the People’s Choice Award winner. More details on how you can vote will follow in the autumn.

ICDPPC Rule 6.2 Conference documents

Without prejudice to section 4.2, conference documents, including accreditation and observer applications may be submitted in English or in another language. In the latter case, the documents shall be accompanied by an English version. Members with the ability and the resources to do so are encouraged to translate proposed resolutions and other conference documents such as the Conference Rules and Procedures.