39th International Conference, Hong Kong, September 2017 (update 28 July 2017)

The annual conference will be held in Hong Kong in September for the 39th time. The Conference will have a closed session (only for accredited members and observers) and a public conference. Additionally, there will be two half days of side events.

Monday 25/9 Tuesday 26/9 Wed 27/9 Thursday 28/9 Friday 29/9
Morning Closed Session Closed Session Public session Public session
Afternoon Side Events Closed Session Side Events Public session Public session


Online registration is open.

Closed Session (26 – 27 September)

Only member authorities and accredited observers can attend the closed session. (Applications to become a
member or observer to attend this conference have closed.)

The topic for in-depth discussion at Day 1 of the closed session is ‘Government Information Sharing: Protecting Sensitive Data, Preventing Discrimination and Managing Risk’. For more information see Chair’s announcement.

Public Conference (28 – 29 September)

The theme for the public conference is ‘Connecting West with East in protecting and respecting data privacy’. Full details can be found at the 39th Conference website.

Side events

The side events are being arranged by interested organisations and are not the responsibility of the ICDPPC Secretariat or Conference host. Where available, details will be posted on the 39th Conference website.   Prior registration with the organisers may be required for some side events.


High level results of the ICDPPC Census will be publicly released at the Roundtable on an International Metrics Agenda, a side event jointly hosted by APPA, ICDPPC and OECD on 27 September. Details on the side event are available here.

ICDPPC Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards

Winners of the ICDPPC Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards will be announced at the Authorities dinner on 26 September.